Marketing and Events


We believe that keeping the public, our donors and other stakeholders informed about the programmes, activities and various other work that the Society does during the year is just as important as the actual undertaking of the work itself.

To ensure that as much dissemination on what Red Cross does and is all about, we consistently organise events such as the National Appeal and produce all types of publications and materials.

National Appeal

This is Fiji Red Cross Society’s biggest fundraising event held each year. During these week long appeals, donations are also open to corporate organisations. Through these donations, we are able to assist people in times of disaster and most importantly help the vulnerable.

Annual Report

Through our annual reports, we keep the public apprised of The Society’s achievements, programmes and activities for the year.

Crossroads Magazine

We produce this magazine that highlights the activities and core programmes delivered by Fiji Red Cross during certain periods.

Press Releases and Conferences

We work with the media and disseminate a number of press releases for general information and press conferences called as and when required.