International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and Humanitarian Values


IHL is a body of international treaties that seeks to protect people affected by armed conflict and limits the methods and means of warfare and it is our duty to increase awareness of IHL during times of peace.

Disseminating information about IHL is an important element of all our trainings which take place at National or District level and in all community-based programmes. By having such dissemination at the beginning of each training session, a consistent method for the delivery of our programmes is assured. Also, the work and emblems of the Movement are recognized and respected at all times and the mandate of and role of the Fiji Red Cross Society is understood.

Information, education and communication materials are provided for communities and schools that participate in Fiji Red Cross activities and programmes such as:

  • A wallet sized card with the Seven Fundamental Principles and Respect the Sign message
  • The Story of an idea comic book
  • Translated posters of the Seven Fundamental Principles in Fijian, English and Hindi
  • An Animated DVD on the history of the Red Cross
  • Respect These Emblems portable banners
  • An IHL leaflet