What We Do


Our work focuses on building safe, healthy and resilient communities in Fiji so you will see our programmes, services and activities whether it is in disaster management, health or resource development, they all move towards this goal.

Disaster Management and Climate Change
Disasters in Fiji are a frequent phenomenon and our program is always in alignment with the Government of Fiji’s national disaster plan.

Health and Care

Health and Care
The Health and Welfare Program focuses on connecting people to access existing services and care provided by Government and other stakeholders.

First Aid and Safety

First Aid and Safety
Our First Aid and Safety program emphasises on reducing the risk and effect of accidents in Fiji as well as increasing our commercial and safety-based activities.

Youth is one of our core components and it was recently upgraded with the reactivation of several youth development activities.

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and Humanitarian Values
International Humanitarian Law (IHL) lies at the very heart of our Movement and the Fundamental Principles which govern all our actions.

Mr Filipe Nainoca, Director General out on Valelevu streets collection during Fiji Red Cross Week.

Marketing and Events
We have a diverse donor base that enables us to continue our humanitarian work, and every bit helps in furthering our much-needed efforts in Fiji.