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There are ways you can support the Fiji Red Cross National Society and several activities that the Society engages in yearly to drive this.

The Fiji Red Cross Society National Appeal  is an annual event held each September, where all 16 of our Red Cross branches actively participate to walk the streets with donation tins to collect donations from the general public.

Funds raised from this event goes towards our operations in the Communities we serve in Fiji wide, specifically in the areas of Disaster Preparedness, Health and Hygiene and other development training and activities.

The Fiji Red Cross are first res-ponders to events such as natural disasters such as cyclones and floods.  As our country anticipates tropical cyclone season from November to April annually and with our recent experience of a Category 5 cyclone, it is imperative that we have resources on hand to respond immediately to affected communities.

We rely on your generosity to help thousands of people when they need us most. Through your donations it enables us to better prepare for emergency responses as and when they occur.

With your generous support, the Fiji Red Cross Society will continue to be at the forefront of addressing important issues faced by all Fijians, such as;

  1. Climate Change
  2. Health Issues
  3. Natural Disasters

You may directly place your donations through the Fiji Red Cross Society bank account – our details below:

Bank Name: ANZ Banking Group Ltd.

Account Name: Fiji Red Cross Society

Account Number: 1313354

BSB: 010890 (applicable for international deposits)

SWIFT CODE: ANZBFJFX (applicable for international deposits)

Please contact any of our local branches or our National Head Quarters on 3314133 for more information or send us an email on

We greatly appreciate and thank the general public, corporate partners and individuals for their continued generous support in assisting with our humanitarian relief efforts in our Fijian communities.