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World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is held on 8 May – the birthday of the founder of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Henry Dunant. Each year, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies use the day to highlight the unique role of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in their countries.

World Red Cross Day is celebrated by the people on international level to alleviate people’s suffering, enhancing their dignity, protecting their life from emergencies and lots of natural disasters including epidemic diseases, flood and earthquakes. It is celebrated by all the sections of the Red Cross organizations to help people by keeping in front it’s all fundamental principles which are humanity, independence, impartiality, neutrality, universality, voluntary and unity.

International Committee of the Red Cross and the National Societies organize  programmes and events in order to encourage volunteers and promote their humanitarian activities. International Red Cross movement members assists the suffered people of any problems. People are motivated to protect their own lives and take care of the dignity of other victims.

It is celebrated annually to honor the founder of an International Red Cross Crescent Movement, Henry Dunant. It is celebrated by the National Societies (affiliated to ICRC) in their countries to aware people about the need of life protection in some drastic conditions. It highlights the international services to motivate people to hugely participate in the life saving activities.

On World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day and throughout 2019, the Fiji Red Cross Society celebrated the strength and reach of our global network, and the contribution of our staff and active volunteers through the theme #Love.

FRCS Charity Ball

The 7th of July 2018 marked an exciting month and year for Fiji Red Cross Society. The Fiji Red Cross revived its annual charity ball after a lapse of 15 years. The Fire n Ice Charity ball was an event focused on ensuring our humanitarian efforts to communities in Fiji are continuous. We were able to surpass our expectations of funds raised and we owe all our supporting organisations our warmest ‘Thank You’ for making this possible.

The 2019 Red Cross Charity Ball, themed KINGS & QUEENS, was held on Saturday 6th July at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

The funds raised during this event had strengthened the Fiji Red Cross Society’s role as a humanitarian service provider and will maintain our capacity to offer community assistance throughout Fiji. It is important that Fiji has a strong National Red Cross Society and have the capacity to respond from any of our 16 Red Cross Branches located throughout Fiji.


National Appeal

The Fiji Red Cross Society National Appeal month (September) is an annual event where all 16 of our Red Cross branches actively participate to walk the streets and shake tins to collect donations from the general public.

Funds raised from this event goes towards our operations in the Communities we serve in Fiji wide, specifically in the areas of Disaster Preparedness, Health and Hygiene and other development trainings and activities.

In this regards, we would kindly seek financial support from the general public, corporate partners and individuals for their generous support.


World Blood Donor Day

Save a life and donate blood today!!

International Volunteers Day


Volunteering is one of the Red Cross fundamental principles.

International Volunteers Day is held each year on December 5th to highlight some of the amazing work undertaken by Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers around the world, and to give you ideas for how you can make an impact on your local community.

The Fiji Red Cross Society recognises the important role volunteers play in villages & communities contributing towards building resilience against events such natural disasters, climate change and health problems.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. They are very important as they are the first to go into the communities to reach out with help, conduct awareness program, and gather information even when disaster strikes. The Red Cross National Societies would not be able to deliver essential services without the support of our volunteers’ network.

World First Aid Day

A team of first aiders performed standby services for the Fiji Ministry of Instructure & Transport sports day

To mark World First Aid Day, this year Fiji Red Cross highlights the importance of knowing first aid skills in five special schools here in Suva.

Fiji Red Cross Society ensures practical trainings are provided to communities and stakeholders to make sure they are equipped with life-saving knowledge and skills, and the confidence to act when needed.

Every year, people are admitted to hospitals as a result of injuries from road accidents, falls, workplace injuries and so forth.

FRCS Safety Coordinator Riaz Khan said they were holding a first aid trainings and raising awareness in this special schools to celebrate the World First Aid Day this year.

“Raising awareness on the importance of having first aid skills enhances the students and teachers (in this special schools) capacity to take swift action to reduce or stabilize serious injuries and it assisted this participants to understand the basics of first aid procedures”.

“This year as part of the celebrations, we have organized programs with special schools which focuses on situations where many children find themselves in, like nose bleeds, poisoning and epilepsy. The program included skills involving primary assessment like airway and breathing,” he said.

The global theme for this year is “First Aid and Excluded People” Addressing exclusion through First Aid”.

Mr. Khan said that first aid training is an effective way to raise awareness at home and within the broader community about safety issues and prevention in a domestic setting.

“First aid training teaches people about the dangers and causes of home accidents and what to do in case of an injury. One of the easiest ways to prepare to save a life is to get trained in first aid”, he added.

How You Can Get Involved

To help increase First Aid knowledge in Fiji, encourage your family, friends, workmates and education institutions to sign up for Fiji Red Cross First Aid Course.

Be prepared and book into Fiji Red Cross First Aid course, or refresher course.