Mom Save Life

Biu Salia was in a village meeting when she heard a woman crying out for help.

Biu Salia ran to where the 28-year-old woman had collapsed. A group of people had crowded around Tokasa, who lost consciousness and hit the soil. But it was Biu a married mom who had previously undertaken first aid training, leaped into action and performed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Describing what happened, she said: “I was in a village meeting when I heard a woman crying out for a help. When I went to where the crying for help was coming from, I saw a group of people gathering around her, they asked if I could help and I thought yeah, I can do something as I’d had first aid training. I managed to recover her” Biu Salia of Wailotua, Wainibuka.


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