FRCS Staff Join The Fight Against NCD

Staff and volunteers of the Fiji Red Cross Society have joined the fight against the non-communicable disease.

The organisation is continuing with its non-communicable disease initiative for its staff and volunteers.

Health and care co-ordinator Marica Kepa said the Fiji Red Cross Society Initiative to fight against non-communicable disease was unique.

“The Non-Communicable Disease initiative was initially set up to contain Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) against the staff and the volunteers. The initiative is also set up to raise awareness to staff and volunteers, this also requires them to change their dietary,” Ms. Kepa said.

She said the initiative was also crucial for the lives of the staff and volunteers.

“The increase of deaths in Fiji, deaths of staff mainly from NCD, obesity among volunteers and staffs was the core reason for setting up the initiative.”

Ms. Kepa said the initiative was aligned with the government strategic.

“It’s one of the core programs of the Fiji Red Cross Society. One of our roles is that we are auxiliary to the government, so when we do health awareness we make sure it aligns with the government strategic too.

“In the community, the volunteers are working closely with health centers, doctors, and nurses. When they receive cases of NCDs, the case is then referred to the hospitals,” she added.

Kepa added that throughout Fiji the organisation has “Community Health Project.”

“All over Fiji, where we have our community-based health project, all this community are trained on non-communicable disease. They form their own committee in the villagers and they do own dissemination to their own people,” Ms. Kepa said

She said the Initiative would help compact against non-communicable disease.

“At the national offices, there’s an NCDs initiative, free screening once a month, a non-communicable disease committee at the national office and the divisional office too, the same thing we doing here in the national office the same thing they doing at their divisional office.

“A 30 minutes’ walk is done every Tuesday and this is compulsory for all staff. A monthly screening is done to all staff and volunteers, this is done to check blood pressure, weight and height and sugar.”

Northern health and care officer Melaia Liku said the initiative was very successful.

“We have done a Training of Trainers (TOT) on our staff and volunteers, volunteers when they go back to their different branches, they become non-communicable disease champion. These NCD champions then trained their own volunteers, these volunteers then conduct non-communicable disease awareness in their own communities,” Ms. Liku said.

“They have 30 minutes’ walk in five days a week, backyard gardening and clean-up campaign as ways of advocating living on healthy living in Fiji.

“The volunteers have a manual handed to them; the manual covers the various non-communicable diseases and also covers the various key factors of the non-communicable disease. With the manual, volunteers will be able to do their own assessment on various communities they visit.”


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