Fiji Red Cross staff hailed a hero after saving a child life

The Disaster Coordinator Maciu Nokelevu has been hailed hero by his work colleagues after reviving a comatose child who was hit by a car that he encountered after returning from watching the rugby match, Fiji Vs Scotland.

Describing the incident he said: “About 300 yards from home we saw people running across the road towards a ditch. In the ditch was a 6 sitter mini- van which had lost its track bumping into a 3-year-old girl (Aggie) as well as Elaine a tourist who was visiting friends at Tamavua village. All these happenings were right in front of baby Aggie’s mum who now is holding tight to her baby crying wildly for help.”

“Few boys were trying to free Elaine from under the van in the muddy ditch. I jumped off the car head straight for the baby who was soaked with mud. With some negotiation, I managed to get the baby who was not breathing out of her mum’s helpless arm. Working on my DRSABC I carry Aggie to the bus stop laid her on the bench and suck mud and dirt out of her nose. This was grey water from homes including kitchen, toilets and laundries runoffs. Her mouth was safe even though she was soaked in mud. Checking for responses prove futile so I applied CPR. While doing this, Epi (a colleague from work) called directing me to a car that had stopped on the opposite side of the road. They had already lifted Elaine and laid her inside. I carried the baby jumped into the front seat and started CPR” he added.

“I continued with this in the car and as we reached MH Super fresh, little Aggie regains her breath. PRAISE BE TO LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, she is alive. We continue on towards the CWM Hospital Emergency in a rush. To my amazement, the traffic lights were green at FNU Samabula Campus so there was no disturbance what so ever. Reaching CWM Emergency, I rushed Aggie inside handing her over to the doctors and nurses. Coming out of the Emergency Unit, I couldn’t find the driver but the car was there. I started calling Epi who gave me a shocking response. He told me that parked car had run dry of fuel when it reached the Emergency Unit. At that moment, I was emotional knowing that it is no coincidence, it had to be a MIRACLE….THANK YOU THANK YOU JESUS” he said.


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